In November 2005, Nelson Muhire (Nel), together with Sharon Kamayangi and Victor Smith, pioneered the [h.o.p] band (House Of Prayer) in Kampala, Uganda.

The vision then was to write songs that would enable people to encounter God’s love and find their identity in Him.

In 2009, [h.o.p] band released their first and only Album, “To Our King.”

It featured songs like ‘You’re special’ and ‘A Heart That’s Yours’, which became fairly popular on local Christian radio.

In November 2009, Nel travelled to Sydney Australia where he studied Audio Engineering at the SAE institute. It was during this period that God placed on Nel’s heart the desire to see a nation (Uganda) transformed as young people encountered God.

After Nel returned to Uganda in 2011, the [h.o.p] band began working on a new album that would eventually become The Collective UG’s first term project, ‘Broken Strings’.

In 2014, the picture and need/purpose for a group like The Collective UG became clearer. It was then that Nel linked up with Andrew Etuket (Etan) and began to develop the idea of The Collective UG. Etan had a dream for the song of the local church.

The [h.o.p] band seeing the bigger picture and the need to be more inclusive then became The Collective UG and officially launched in January 2015 with a worship moment at All Saints Cathedral, Kampala.

The Collective has since grown into what it is today and continues to dream of a Nation transformed as young people encounter God and find purpose in him.